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Thread: Erro 003 after updating to 4.2 as normal, had no modchip or HB installed at all

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    Erro 003 after updating to 4.2 as normal, had no modchip or HB installed at all

    So, Modify any Wii 4.2 & below - following this link as I always did, I got this USA wii bricked with Error 003 after updating it to 4.2 as the tuto says...

    What should I do now, sit and wait and cry even more??


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    From the error index:

    Unauthorized device on 4.2 thanks to N we have abrand new error code... So, no workaround on this yet, try unplugging any chips or whatever N thinks is unauthorized from the wii. Seems like Korean wiis are super defective to this. Some people have reported being able to contact their wii salesman, and complaining to him that it bricked after upgrade, they were able to get him provide them with a new wii. Thi is only if he provided you with a korean wii, and not warning you of the risks. If you did it by yourselves no luck on this..
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    did you fix the pink/green lines problem now this? or differnet wii

    the 003 error after a 4.2 update would suggest it's a korean wii
    i think you out of luck sorry

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    The kor wii with pink lines is waiting for a while, gotta get time to work on him with the ab kor loadmii disc.

    This one was brand new, this dude came to have it "unlocked", it was like a freaking virgin wii... Weird. O.o

    Gonna install a modchip on it and try to load some stuff see if I get more luck with this wii.

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    Pretty sure it is an USA wii, at least thats what savemii said before and after the fucked up update. : /

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    did the kor loadmii disc boot you never replied to the PM
    have a look at the serial underneath if it starts with a LKM it's a korean console
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    Sorry for not repplying to the pm yet, just got back from the weekend, gonna try tomorrow and let you know if it worked.

    It is an USA wii for sure. O.o

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    Well, I am done for tonight, this wii bricked idk how, and not even with savemii and moded it doesn't load any autoboot at all.

    Gn folks.


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