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Thread: hacking my buds wii

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    hacking my buds wii

    okay... soo my buddy just seen my wii.. that i traded for.. now he has a

    LU573223387: Serial
    4.2U: Version

    is this model of wii even moddable?? and can you mod a wii with 4.2U?

    and he is VERY interested in the wii.. i mean he loves it.. now i modded my OLD wii.. just fine.. no problems but that was back when 3.2 was the version lol.. now is there a guide out there i can follow that will teach me how to mod a 4.2U wii and install savemii or any kind of backup software just in case anything happens? thanks!

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    This or that ought to work.

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    Myself personally have used ShadowSonic's tutorial (the seond one linked above) and make sure you install Preloader 0.3 and not 0.2 as I had bricked my wii halfway through the tutorial due to Preloader 0.2 not saving any settings. I was on 4.2U with an LU67+.


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