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Thread: hacking wii

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    hacking wii

    i,m new to the whole wii community, trying to hack my wii.Do you have to put the sd card in everytime you want to use homebrew channel? All the files i used, do i put them on the one card and leave them there to use different options on the wii? thanks

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    To access the files on homebrew channel the sd card has to be in the wii, applications must bes stored on the card for homebrew to read them. Launch homebrew without a sd card in with apps etc on it and you will get a nice homebrew screensaver.
    If you use usb loading covers are also stored on the sd card. Buy an sd card specifically for your wii, 1gb scandisk would be perfect.

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    thanks. i will go through the hacking instruction and save everything to my sd card. thanks again.


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