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Thread: D2Pro - Install problem on D2B Pin's cut

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    D2Pro - Install problem on D2B Pin's cut

    Hi guys,

    After havin issues with a D2Sun I got the D2Pro and installed it last night. The problem I am having is that when I go to insert a disc into the drive, the drive locks up and wont let me insert a disc. Also if I go on any of the channels, after a few moments the console freezes and need a restart from the wall socket.

    When I turn the console on (with the case off), the lights on the d2pro flash. First an organe/red one will flash followed by the blue.

    I have uploaded a pic here
    You'll notice that jp2 and clk have been soldered. I just wondered if someone in the know could tell me if this is the right setup for a d2b pin cut chip.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymez10 View Post

    Hey Jay,

    I had the same issue with my d2pro9 w/ wii-clip like you. I had to remove the chip from the clip and solder it directly to the dvd drive and everything works fine. I think the wii-clip is crap.

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    I've just installed a D2PRO on my D2B with cut pins. Works fine for me.

    Luckily you can go for the 5 wire install so there isn't that much soldering. Incidently, I read on there website that the latest firmware was supposed to stop a DVD eject issue? Dunno, mine is working ok.

    If it where me I'd solder it on anyway, never been a fan of clips. Have you looked for the power light and everything coming on the chip etc?

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    Thanks for the advice lads!


    I was thinking that may be the only way around. Not the best solderer in the world though!


    The Red/Orange light on the chip flashes followed by the blue but then they both go off in less than a second.


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    Do you have access to a multimeter to check the connections? I'd just have a stab at soldering it. With the 5 wire solution its a little forgiving as if you tin the wires enough and not start putting solder directly onto the joins it seemed pretty hard to mess anything up. Hvaing said that I've done a few xboxs in my time so if you havent had an iron in your hand for quite a while it might be worth taking it to the shop.

    Guess you have to way up the risk of paying someone to do it or having to pay for a new wii if it bricks.

    What you do know is its getting power if its lighting up so its going to be one of the additional points j g h.

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    Thanks for that TheBatFink, I will give soldering a try!


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    Success! I have managed to resolve it with the help of some lads from another forum. I thought I would share with you guys too so that if anyone else has the same problem they will know what to do.

    basically I left the d2pro on the v4c-9 wii clip and just desoldered CLK, C, D, E & F and then soldered J to point J on the mainboard -install guide here. Once I had done that everything was sorted.

    thebatfink - thanks for your help man, I appreciate it.


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    d2pro : Home just released the alternative 2.1 firmware update today for the d2c users who are having problems with the d2pro! The wait is finally over!


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