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Thread: Softmod + Hardmod = Best way to avoid a brick?

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    Softmod + Hardmod = Best way to avoid a brick?

    It seems a lot of brick problems come due to the updates on the wii. My wii is a family console so it makes me nervous that the kids may end up updating software . I run hbc right now with usb loader, and i am thinking of putting a modchip in just for the update blocker. The $40-$50 is not a big deal to me as long as i can keep this system operational. I'm running 4.2u right now, and have a wii that can accept a chip. Any thoughts?

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    there is not much point to that, you are already on 4.2 ver. Did u know that priiloader can block disc updated and also online updates(only for 4.2 version). So priiloader/softmod should be enough if ur only worried about the update bricks.

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