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Thread: Problems with Guitarhero Aerosmith

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    Question Problems with Guitarhero Aerosmith

    Hi, im new to this forum so, hello everyone.

    I got my hands on a copy of the release: Guitar_Hero_Aerosmith_PAL_WII-MOMENT

    The problem is when im playing the fourth song the song just starts hacking. Like when the old LP's just hangs up and repeats the last second over and over again.
    First time it happen I just played through the song as it was, but right when im done the wii just stop working. Have to unplug the powercable and wait, then plug it in again.

    Weird, so I tried again. Same happen but this time I didnt bother to finish the song. Tried to enter the menu, but the same happen as when I finnished the song, the wii just stopped working.

    First time I burned it out was on Verbatim+R 4x speed.
    Next time, same media, 1x speed.
    No difference at all.

    Anyone else got this problem? Or a solution to it?
    Got the D2Ckey chip.

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    No one knows?

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