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Thread: wasabi, v5 clip, d2c, help please

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    wasabi, v5 clip, d2c, help please

    i would like to know if the wasabi...(SUBJECT) i need to solder anything at all to get the wii chip workin, my status currently is at green light on the chip dvd drive locks up. really would like this question answered thanks

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    for d2c wasabi and clip u have to solder one F wire as per the pic here

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    will try the f wire today.

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    dude why don't u just get the d2ckey with the wii-clip if u have a d2c wii, it needs no updates, plays all backups perfectly, and is really cheap, i consider it a 5 star product. But if you install it with wires it is really i mean really hard and it takes hours to get it right so just get it with the wii-clip.

    So just get a refund on ur wasabi.

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    do u know where i can get this d2c key, website or something, and ill do this if the wasabbi doesnt work. thanks for the info


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