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Thread: Wii Flow Freeze---all loaders to be exact

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    Us Wii Flow Freeze---all loaders to be exact

    this will be a little long but I want to give all the details

    I have done maybe 30 Wii's with the softmod or chips and have encountered the first one I am at a loss at. It started out as any normal mod I would do where I first plan on installing the homebrew channel I tried to install it but no dice. I'd go to the SD card but it wouldn't load the homebrew using bannerbomb. I go to the Wii settings and it is version 2.1 problem I can put in a game I have here and take the update from the disk. I do that and I am at version 3.4u...good to go.

    Install homebrew.....truchabug restorer and downgrade IOS 15...patch IOS 38....restore IOS 15....instal CIOS38Rev the safe updater to get wii to version 4.1 and the install WiiFlow USB Loader or any other loader.... games launch show up in menu...all is good.

    He calls me and says it freezes...I then go over is freezing at the exact same time every time in a particular game. I play Lego Star Wars and it is good but several games constantly freeze and it is always at the same spot. For Example Just Dance....load the game....choose step by step by NKOTB...the song starts....the countdown to the dance kicks in and the second it is between the 1 and the 2.....freeze........ I have tried multiple loaders....reinstalling rev 14 and I have no clue.......The HDD can be moved between 4 different Wii's and only this one has an issue...

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    Its an issue with the Just Dance game whether using a back up copy or an original, it works on some wii's and not on others. Check out these posts on the Nintendo forums

    Just dance game won't play in console but plays in neighbors - Wii Games - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums

    Just Dance freezes...but everything else works - Wii Games - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums


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