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Thread: MIRC Help on UICN

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    Ca MIRC Help on UICN

    I found your chat site on UICN 'Wiihacks' but it banned me because of my nickname was not the same as on here, i since changed it but how do I get 'unbanned' so I can try to log in there again ?

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    Thats the new bot and chances are you didn't read the message it sends you stating that the ban is only 5 minutes.

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    [09:01pm] <%RickRoll> MountainMaxAFK is not a registered username on, you have 1 minute to comply. (Change your nick to your registered forums nick)
    [09:02pm] <%RickRoll> Setting 5 minute ban on mountainmaxafk
    [09:02pm] * RickRoll sets mode: +b mountainmaxafk!*@*
    [09:07pm] * RickRoll sets mode: -b mountainmaxafk!*@*

    Just switch to your forum name here, and re enter, the bot only bans by nick when its an incorrect nick

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    Thanks, i did that but it never worked right away, after a short delay it let me back in, I guess I was only banned for a few minutes thanks......

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    Just incase anyone else has this problem, and runs across this thread, I want to explain in a bit of detail what the bot is doing.

    For example, you enter the channel as MyIRCName, which isnt your name you use in the forums here.

    The bot will do the following:

    [10:28am] <%RickRoll> MyIRCName is not a registered username on, you have 1 minute to comply. (Change your nick to your registered forums nick)

    (1 Minute passes)
    [10:29am] <%RickRoll> Setting 5 minute ban on myircname
    [10:29am] * RickRoll sets mode: +b myircname!*@*
    [10:29am] * RickRoll kicked myircname (You must be a registered member at Wiihacks - Wii Hacking Discussion, please register. Please return with registered name.)

    Now what has happened, is because "MyIRCName" did not match a forum's user name here, the name was kicked, and then banned from the channel for 5 minutes.

    Now at any point in this process you can do a /nick MyForumsName to avoid the kick/ban. If the bot has already kicked/temp banned you, simply change your name in IRC with /nick MyForumsName (Replacing MyForumsName with your name here) and re-join the room.

    Remember, because the bot banned you, does NOT mean you cannot re-enter, it simply means for 5 minutes your not able to rejoin the room with your non-forums name.

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