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    Wiikey Fusion Progress Update

    Wiikey Fusion, as many will know, has been the buzz of the Wii modding community for several months now. This revolutionary new way to mod a Wii to enable backups to be played from SD card has caused a lot of excitement and anticipation. At the same time, a lot of people have emailed us to voice their frustration over how long its taking.

    When we first announced Wiikey Fusion back in September 2009, we did not think that it would take quite this long to launch. Initially, we had October 2009 as a preliminary launch date. However, introduction of a new protections in the form of a previously unused DI command (BCA read) in a recently released game forced us to reconsider the Wiikey Fusion architecture. While implementing BCA read emulation is quite straightforward there are several other Wii/Gamecube specific commands that potentially could be used in future protections.

    As a result of what we discovered, we basically scrapped 4 months work and set about creating a brand new architecture which supports reading game-specific DI command handlers from games on DVD and SD card.

    We're pleased to announce that this work is nearing completion, and that we're looking to begin shipments of Wiikey Fusion during January.

    We'd like to thank everyone who gave us their support and trust from day one with this product. Without you, Wiikey Fusion would not have become a reality.

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    Anybody tried this yet? I was thinking of getting one.

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    Yeah me too. I don't currently have a mod chip and am stuck trying to decide between the WiiKey 2 and the Fusion. I don't want to buy something that is going to cause me more frustration than the aid it provides. So any reviews from actual customers would be much appreciated as would any info from from people who've looked into it.

    BTW I'm still a bit newbish when it comes to the Wii, all of it's quirks, and the mods available for it. So, I would like detailed info but try not to get too sophisticated with your techanise pls.
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    I have a wiikey and a wiikey 2, now just waiting on the wiikey fusion. I've had one pre-ordered for quite some time now and was wondering if anyone has heard anymore news on when to expect it?

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    I've got the fusion chip installed. I have no idea where to go from here though. I am not new to console hacking but I am pretty new to the wii stuff


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