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Thread: Slow Install/Dump of DVD-R on UsbLoader/WiiFlow

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    Question Slow Install/Dump of DVD-R on UsbLoader/WiiFlow

    I have been using Usb Loader 1.5 (or open wii flow which i think is awesome as well), a iomega 5200rpm no power portable hdd... everything works great...

    My issue would be with the speed of the installation/dumping... with either program, if i try to copy an original to the hard drive, it goes really fast... (anywhere between 5 and 15 mins for 2 to 4 gb!!) If i try to install with a burned iso, it takes between 20-60mins to dump the disc...

    I tried different media, verbatim, sony and a few others... all works... all have same slow dumping speed...

    I dont quite remember but im pretty sure MOST of the backup i use are scrubbed versions... could that make the dumping go THAT much slower???

    I did do a search... trying to find "slow install" and pretty much anything related... after a few hours i decided to post this new thread... hope anyone has some info that could help understand why its that much slower!

    Thanks and have a nice day!!

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    I use usb loader gx and have ripped games both originals and backups and they both go pretty smoothly. The only program I had was once I clicked to rip it and the screen frooze where it gives the % completed and time remaining but it was still ripping.
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