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Thread: neogamma r7 and r8 beta black screen

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    neogamma r7 and r8 beta black screen

    new to this site but figured out how to mod my brand new wii.....soon later found out that lu394 doesnt work for neo gamma. my problem is i did the exact same thing on my dads wii which is lu119 or something like that, but neo gamma r7 and r8 beta just go to black screen when i hit there something i did wrong or how can this be fixed?

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    Im having this too cant someone help ?

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    Verify you have cIOS installed with signcheck, should come up with IOS249 rev 14 or higher.
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    mine is green

    mine is not black but gets stuck at a green screen on some games. like wii music anyone know a fix. I patch the game for usa play. but still a no go.

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    The green screen is because the region for your wii and disc dont match ...go into neogamma settings and select wii, all, yes, yes

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