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Thread: im sorry for mutiple threads

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    im sorry for mutiple threads

    i kept gettinga time out error

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    Don't make multiple threads with different titles asking the same question, the time out problem I can understand (press the post button once only). Someone will be by sooner or later, it could be hours or days, just give it some time.

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    i guess you didnt understand what i was saying. i had a time out, nothing showed as a post i had to re write my post again this time i copied my post so i didnt have to rewrite it. incase of another time out. again it timed out and post didnt show so ityred again...yet another time out. went to get my kids from school came back and again another time out, tryed a few more times and now it showed multiple threads...thats why i said im sorry...i didnt try to do that it was an accident.


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