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Thread: Uninstall wads w/o the wad on sd?

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    Uninstall wads w/o the wad on sd?

    Is this possible?
    I have some wads I have installed trough WAD Manager 1.5 and then I deleted the wads from the SD. Now Im having trouble uninstalling those as they are not showing up in the WAD manager.

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    Your Wii system doesn't know that you deleted them though, you have to get the software to delete them or you get "orphaned" files like you have.

    Try re-installing them then going back to the software to delete them.

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    You'll need to either relocate the wads or use Anytitledeleter. ATD is a dangerous app as you could delete stuff you shouldn't, like your Wii System for example. Be sure you know what you are deleting.
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