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Thread: Multiple WBFS partitions?

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    Multiple WBFS partitions?

    Quick newbie question! Have a 300GB drive and have already created a 100gb WBFS partition (havent touched the rest of the drive yet).
    This is now filling up quite rapidly. Is it possible to create a second WBFS partition on the same drive to continue adding my discs?
    Trying to avoid having to start from scratch....

    Will WiiFlow see a second WBFS partition on the same HDD?

    Any help appreciated!!

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    No - fraid not.

    Only option you have is using WBFS Manager - copy games back to PC (you could create another WBFS partition drive on your PC to save having the programme convert to ISOs), then remove the partition on your old WBFS drive, create a new partition of what size you want, then copy the games back to your new WBFS drive from where you put them for safe keeping.

    This time - try to reason as to why you would need an unused unpartitioned part of any drive?

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    Ah shame, oh well serves me right for thinking 100GB would be enough.

    Thanks Lfc4ever for replying so quickly, appreciate it!

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    You could try this:

    Resize a Partition for Free in Windows 7 or Vista - the How-To Geek

    If you are still on XP, then it's this:

    FREE Resize/Move FAT32 & NTFS Partitions in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008. Enlarge or extend (system) Partition - EASEUS Partition Master Manual

    But it can get complicated & messy, and you do so at your own risk if you think you know what you are doing, I take no responsibility for what you do to your drives.

    If you are not used to partitioning & resizing, stay away and go the long route

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    Knowing me i'll end up killing my partition and have to start again with all my discs! Think i'll stick with the long route for now but will read those links for my own info!

    Thanks again!

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