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Thread: Config USB Loader Problems.

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    Exclamation Config USB Loader Problems.

    Ok masters of all things Wii heres the skinny.

    I have a launch day wii at 4.1u softmodded following the guide in the tutorial section.I have a verbatim CLON 250 gig HD with 54 games on it.I am using hermes 222 and configurable USB loader v50.Of those 54 games 17 are giving me problems.I will detail the problems and anyone that can help,please do.

    Edit,Same exact problems exist in neogamma,and wiiflow 222 and 249.

    Guitar Hero 3- Freezes loading a song. Source:Original Disc Ripped with Loader
    Zelda TP- Freezes after Saftey screen.Source:Original Disc Ripped with Loader
    Luxor-Freezes after completing a level.Sorce:Burned disc ripped with loader.
    Madden 07-Freezes at ESRB screen.Source:Burned disc ripped with loader
    Madden 08-Freeze at saftey screen.Source:Burned Disc ripped with loader
    Mario Strikers Charged-Freeze when selecting start game.Burned disc rip with loader
    Marvel ultimate alliance:Freeze loading lvl.Source:Burned disc rip with loader.
    Marvel Ult alliance 2oes not load at all.SourceL installed with WBFS manager.
    SSBB-White screen does not load-Source:Burned DL disc ripped with loader
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Wont load freezes Loader.Source:Burn disc ripped with loader
    Trauma Center-Freeze after lvl one.Source:Original disc rip with loader
    Trauma Center New Blood-Freeze at ESRB screen.Source:Burn Disc Rip with loader.
    COD3-Crash after activision Logo.Source:Burned Rip with loader
    Elebits-Freeze after level 10.Source:Burned disc ripped with loader.
    Metroid Prime Corrup-Freeze boarding ship.Source:Burn ripped with loader
    Red Steel-Freeze after looking at fish.Source:burned disc ripped with loader
    SSXBlur-Crash at saftey screen.Source:Burned Disc Rripped with loader.

    Another issue I am having is that USB loaderGX just stopped working.It loads and I can look at all of the box art,but NO buttons are functional.Have to unplug wii to get out.

    Also after being unplugged and pluged back in,selecting wii from the bootmii menu turns off wii the first time(red light on power button)
    Sorry about the long post,just wanted to be detailed.
    If anyone can steer me in the right direction,it would be appreciated.
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    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Daily Bump to the top.This is a really frustrating problem.

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    Have you tried removing one of the games that will not load, and then reinstall it? It looks like most of them are games that ripped from backup discs. Have you tried playing one of the trouble games from disc to see if the disc even works. And the games installed from original retail disc, was there any scratches on them? Writable DVD media tends to degrade over a period of time, anywhere from a few months to a few years, good quality discs if burned correctly should last 5 years or longer. If you burned your discs at higher speeds, then degrading could be quicker. All depends on the quality of the disc, and the speed you burned at, and how the discs are stored. Another thing to take into account, your Wii laser may be dirty, or getting weak from trying to read your backup copies that may have been degrading.

    Maybe your launch day Wii has seen better days, and laser is now getting old?
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