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Thread: Is DriveKey a good choice?

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    Post Is DriveKey a good choice?

    I was seriously thinking about purchasing a DriveKey. From the various reviews I have read it's basically the best and easiest (solderless) mod chip around at this point.

    So are there any of you guys out there that have one and can attest to this? And would you recommend it to others?


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    Nevermind I read the sticky review and I was actually quite impressed I'm sold...
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    still our number 1 rated, its outsold the WiiKey 1
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    I'm not convinced. A lack of support for older firmware chips has me buying sunkey brand chips. Promises of DVD updates and jtag updates for a programmer that was never built is very disappointing for people stuck with older versions of drivekey. Sunkey has a programmer and had released updates within a few weeks of NSMB bca protection. I'm not saying that it isn't a good chip, but the support is a joke.

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    I love the drive key.Simply put its the best.Although the support for the jtag is lacking,it still plays every game ive put in it.I have over 100 games and every one plays even the very latest.If I were you I would go with this one.......I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    Exclamation Are certain brand media required?

    I noticed that with the softmod 4.2 that Verbatim DVD-R are recommended for best results.

    Is this required for DriveKey backups as well or can any brand media work as long as it isn't a cheap brand. Currently I use Memorex and TDK DVD+R as my preferred brand of backup media.

    Also is there a way you can check which DVD drive you have WITHOUT opening your console unit to check if you have the new D3-2 drive? I heard that DriveKey does NOT work with this drive.

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