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Thread: CSI : Hard Evidence ISO FIX

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    CSI : Hard Evidence ISO FIX

    faulty iso image

    download rar

    extract ,

    open ppf - o - matic

    select csi iso file

    select patch ( xxx-CSI_fix.ppf )

    click "apply"

    then reburn image with imgburn @ 2.4 speed


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    I didn't realise this game had a problem, I just burned mine and it worked great, even through USB.

    Now CSI Deadly Intent is a different story as far as the USB loader is concerned.

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    hard evidence freezes for some users @ condom uv light part in scene 1 . there is also a CSI fix out that i have released for deadly intent for dvd backup , havent tested on usb as i dont use that

    try that m8 works with a burned copied 100 percent

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    Thanks, I have no problems running either from backup disc so I doubt it is an ios problem (I do have a chip installed also)

    Appreciate it though.

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    Both of mine on disc work fine but Hard Evidence just black screens from USBloader GX and Deadly Intent starts but when I puck the first case it just boots me back to the Wii Menu

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    p34nuTT You are A GOD amongst men!! THANK-YOU!!!!!

    Very long story short I'm running a Wode with no softmods. I picked this game up in wbfs form off the net. Just as you say, it would freeze up diring the first game at Debra the Lesbian's house. Actually it started with the flashlight in the garage even before that but I was able to get past that part. This freeze required a complete power cycle to reset the wii and the wode.

    So basically what I did was use wii back-up manager and transferred my wbfs file to an ISO. Then I ran the patch you so kindly provided a link for. Once the ISO was patched, I went back to the back-up manager and transfered the ISO back to wbfs because this saves almost 3gb on this game. The wbfs is only 1.58gb vs 4.37 for the ISO.

    Anyway, IT WORKS!! I was able to use the UV light to see the Condom at Debra the Lesbian fire Goddesses house and swab the semen from it!! (No joke, that's exactly where it freezes)

    Note: I picked this game up as part ob the "B" pack from a very popular torrent tracker (think TPB replacement). So if you also got your wbfs file from there and your game freezes, just use the Wii Back-Up manager (I'm using 3.4r) and transfer to ISO first, then apply the patch. Then Burnit or do whatever it is that works for you.

    Thanks again p34nuTT!!


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