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Thread: firmware updater 4.1 prob

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    firmware updater 4.1 prob

    i read around. i finally went through the steps and i am now stuck at this point. i have a 3.4u LU66. Everytime i go into the firmware updater it stays on network status and doesnt move any further. i tried going in and finding whatever i can to disable the wiiconnect (which i have never had it connected to the internet). but i still get nothing from the updater. What am i missing??

    thank you

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    it sounds like you need to go in to the wii settings and set up the wireless connection then run the updater...

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    so i should go ahead and connect wirelessly to the net? didnt think i wanted to connect to the net hehe

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    You do need internet for this. This does not mean turning on or doing anything with WiiConnect24. Get the internet going and it should work.

    edit: yeah its totally safe to be connected to the internet. You can even play games with people. Just leave Wiiconnect24 off, and dont use channels that use it, weather, news, and whatever else, theyll ask you to turn it on. If the wii ever asks you to update, say no.

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    You need to be online to update your firmare to 4.1 using firmware updater (step 4 in dogeggs tutorial). However this step can be done offline. See post #9567 (or #5005) in the same thread:

    gen3sf explains how to this here, and provides a link to the files (there is also a link to the system menu files at the end of step 5 in the tut). I did it on a friends PAL wii and worked fine. You just install the new system menu from wad manager instead. Make sure you get the correct file though: PAL, NTSC-U or NTSC-J.


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