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Thread: Forum bug in Opera

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    Forum bug in Opera

    This looks like the best place to put this.

    On the main page and on the topic pages (where you read posts), it stretches to about twice the width of the screen, but this doesn't happen on topic list pages (after clicking on which section you want), or when posting a reply (like I'm doing now).

    This doesn't happen in Firefox, and if it happened in IE there would be a whole lot of complaints.

    I just thought I would post it, since it's kind of annoying scrolling side to side to read the posts, and I don't want to switch to Firefox for just one site. Maybe someone can fix it.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, and when posting a new topic in Opera, the forward to the topic page is broken. The information gets sent to the server and the topic gets posted, but the page won't change.

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    I have the same with Opera and posted several days before

    Dear Gents,

    mmm sorry for confusion but I have a little question here.

    So, every time I scroll to the right my opera aproximately for 1 meter for reading full post.
    Could you please help me to stick the normal view for all posts in this perfect forum.
    I think this happend by reason of to many thanks under some replies.

    Sorry to disturb you,
    Best wishes
    So, this is not intresting for somebody ((
    Maybe solution will be later....................

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    Interesting, not really. Speak to Nintendo or Opera of you have issues with their software. I noticed the problem but didn't feel the need to make a post about it.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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