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Thread: USB Loader with 3 partitions

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    USB Loader with 3 partitions

    I bought a WEstern Digital My Book Essential Edition 1TB hard drive. Has anyone tried to make 3 partiitions on it? I want to do a FAT32 for apps and emulators, NTFS for data back up, and WBFS for back ups. As long as I make WBFS the active and primary partition it should work I imagine.

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    3 partitions work well, and from best practice the way you need to organise is:

    FAT32 - WFBS - NTFS

    The real problem is deciding partition sizes, then partitioning then making active the right drive at the right time for the task in hand. Once it's all done it works fine, it's just a pain getting there.

    Any questions - keep asking.


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