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Thread: WODE install guide

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    Question WODE install guide

    First up follow the videos as they will guide you through the steps necessary, I will provide images from my install as reference but the quality of them is all over the place.

    I've also included some extra information at the very bottom so make sure you read it.

    Things you will need:
    - Phillips head screwdriver
    - Triwing screwdriver
    - Tweazers
    - Roll of electrical tape
    - SD card with latest WODE firmware

    Get your required tools ready.

    Get your WODE ready.

    Remove the flaps.

    Remove the screws.

    Remove the screws.

    Remove the feet and stickers with the tweazers and make sure you don't break the rubber.

    Remove the screws.

    Remove the battery, sticker and rubber foot.

    Remove the screws.

    Slide out the DVD cover.

    Remove the case exposing the DVD drive and unscrew it.

    Install the modchip and it should look something like this.

    Get your DVD drive back in place.

    Finished product.

    Just some things if anyone was wondering.

    - If the WODE dosn't show anything on the LCD screen make sure the ribbon cable hasn't been disconnected in the WODe stand which is what happened to me.

    - Make sure theres not a large amount of pressure on the WODE chip when you refit the DVD drive as it can cause the drive to fail from booting.

    - The WODEs firmware has BCA patching implemented into it and will throw an error if you try and load a BCA patched NSMB iso.

    - The round clear base stabiliser you got with your Wii can be reused with WODE.

    - The WODE won't update again if you leave the SD card in.

    - The joystick is a little hard to use but they're developing a channel.

    For all the trolls read the following.

    This is a big question. Does the WODE live up to it's hype. Well, simply put - it does. I tested dual layer games, the only BCA game, games that don't work under USB Loaders and plenty of GameCube games. They all worked. If you don't believe or are a hardcore softmod user then fuck off. They all worked without patching, without installing new software that might damage your Wii. They just worked. End of story.
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    Finally :P

    !rickroll Favs

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    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Rickrolls

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    Finally the Fav's Wode count down is over! Grats and see u in IRC :P

    I guess now the big hairy question is, does the hard moded drive, need to be de-moded before attaching the Wode? I've heard yes and no thus far, but Ill be able to tell ya for sure in a few days

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    this was a joke post Favs

    Lagos, Nigeria.
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    Please reply urgently.

    Best regards

    Howgul Abul Arhu
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    about time you got it. CONGRATS!!!!

    wanna see a DS

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    w00t DS FTW let me just get my passport and I'll meet you in Mexico.

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    Great Tutorial FAVS well done

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    Thank you.....

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    For WODE to function, should the DVD drive be in working condition? I have a dead dvd drive in my wii and I run all wii games through hdd.


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