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Thread: wii 4.2u cios issues

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    wii 4.2u cios issues

    i got a wii for christmas and i have loaded a cios onto my roommates wii before, granted he has an older version of wii and it wasn't to tough. anyway i was following a tutorial on youtube for this new wii and my wii keeps messing up for some reason.... btw i still concider myself fairly new to wii hacking soo if u can answer me like im old and wont understand that will be best =3

    YouTube - Wii Menu 4.2 Hacking Tutorial part 1

    *tutorial i was using*

    firstly i used bannerbomb successfully and got hackmii homebrew channel up and everything.

    kept following the tutorial and opened wad manager 1.5 and loaded with ios36; uninstalled ios249 don't exactly know why but im just following orders atm lol.

    this is were i have a problem with the tutorial...

    loaded cios38_rev14 - installer
    loaded ios<36>
    <WAD installation>
    *in the tutorial he says network install but also he said if u had a problem installing anything go to his other video were he linked the wad's soo the wads are on my SD card*
    it reads the iso ; patches custom ; adds contents ;
    installing custom ios
    >> install ERROR! (ret = -1035) then it finishes;

    the 2nd tutorial had me do the trucha bug restorer thing and it still didn't work afterwards.

    like i said im new to wii's and i don't know this means exactly... does anyone know what could possibly be my problem? also my wii isn't the LU64 that people talk about it is a LU111774425 hope someone has an idea

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