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Thread: softmoded 3.4e problems

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    Unhappy softmoded 3.4e problems

    gday all

    im very new to softmoding so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    i recently had my wii 3.4e softmodded to be able to play back ups but when i try playing any new regular wii games (wii resort) i get a message saying something about an "unauthorized modification has been detected". older games work fine.
    Ive read a little about downgrading and using starfall but still very unsure what to do.

    So im just wondering what you guys think is the best way around this? and the easiest way to do them?


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    I think it would be best to upgrade.

    Follow this guide

    And then maybe follow:

    After step 4, to get everything else up to date. Just make sure to read the whole guides, understand what you have to do, and do it properly.

    If you dont want to do that, you could probably download the game with that stuff taken out. Maybe..


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