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Thread: PLZ HELP: WASABI V5 D2C modding PLZ HELP

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    Question PLZ HELP: WASABI V5 D2C modding PLZ HELP

    ive recently tried to mod two different wiis. both with a wasabi v5. im on a d2c board adn when i put the chip inside it is firmly placed there but with one wii the drive doesnt read burned games, but it reads normal games. ive tried sony dvd-r at 1x,2x and verbatim dvd+r at 4x(these were the only discs i had) but none are working. then with the other wii when i put the chip in the drive doesnt work. it wont eject discs or read discs, unless i pull the chip. is there any way to solve these problems. is there something that i need to solder. the chip came with a yellow wire not sure if i really needed this wire because it said presoldered when i bought. thanks

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    are you sure you have a d2c and not a d2c2? make sure the wiiclip+wasabi i configured for the d2c as it may have been configured for another wii board.

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    positive its d2c. now the wii with disc problem started to work so that one succesful but the other still i get the green light but it just does read my discs or even start the disc drive. if modchip off or if ghost squad burned on a dvd is not in the dvd drive wont turn on or work. the discs dont work now for the second wii im hacking

    i get the green light but when i do the dvd drive locks up, sometimes i get it to work bu then the dvd drive doesnt read the game. positive its not the game because got it workin on my friends wii.(probably luck), but PLEASE HELP i really want to hack my wii. donot want to have wasted 360 dollars+ (controllers,system,chip,clip, all that stuff)and not be able to hack/mod. THANKS
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    have u soldered the one F wire which is required even with the clip?

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    no not yet because my friends wii is workin even without the soldering of F, i dont want to solder anything before i know that it will make it work for sure.

    if i solder the f wire and it doesnt work wat should i do, is there anyhthing else to solder?

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    well as it states on the wii clip website....all d2c require F wire so you dont have a choice....if it doesnt work after the F wire soldered then you need to make sure clip is placed properly......not sure how many times you took the clip on and off but if you keep doing it enough u will wear the teeth out that actually make the contact on the ic legs and this will result in a wii clip that cant even be reused.

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    the thing is that me and my friend r workin on 2 wiis. his and mine. his worked even without the f wire and mine is still at the green light dvdv drive locks up state. if the teeth wear off like u said cant i just desolder it off the wii clip and solder the chip on directly to the wii. if it comes down to that. i hope not.

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    ive posted photos of my installation on the other thread called wasabi installed drive wont spin or not detected. PLZ HELP

    never mind i just found out my wii is a d2C2 so all this was a waste. thanks for your help everyone.
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