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Thread: Wii Factory Reset Settings

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    Wii Factory Reset Settings

    I have a d2pro installed in my wii but i updated it to 4.2U and nothing worked so i downgraded it to 4.1 and games like WSR and NSMB dont work. So if i factory restore it will my mod chip still work??

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    WSR and NSMB are problem games so it is not your wii is at fault.
    With WSR you need to play a dol file first using neogamma, this enables you to watch the demo of the wii motion plus in use. Once you ahve watched this demo in full and switched the dol file off WSR will work.
    Regarding NSMB there are copies floating around that work. And most will work with usb loading.


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    i got NSMB to work with neogamma but i have gotten WSR to work... i cant get the motion + video to play yet i always get black screen or the disk error screen


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