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Thread: Duplicated Channel Remover works in 3.3

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    Duplicated Channel Remover works in 3.3

    Just want to let you guys know that I just used the Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v2.1 by Waninkoko with the twilight hack and it works in 3.3U.

    Created the thread because I have been looking for days googling and other forums about if was safe to do it in 3.3 but nothing appeared, so here it is proving that it works, also it fixed the error I had with the news channel when trying to load the news.

    Hope this helps anyone

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    hello m8,

    can you advise me how you did do it, as i have been trying to do mena and still no luck.

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    From what I have been reading, this is only for the PAL version though. I can't seem to find any for the NTSC (US) version

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    here a link for the usa ntsc


    Install as elf with twilight hack or if have the homebrew channel then dont need to twilight just use an executable app



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