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Thread: Install files and access wii / sd / usb over internet

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    Install files and access wii / sd / usb over internet

    My hacked my parents wii when I visited them for the holidays.

    I set them up with NeoGamma but did not set up a USB Loader or a USB drive because I knew it would be too complicated for them.

    Now, because of what I have found with my own wii there are a couple other applications and wads I would like to install but I don't want them to have to send me their SD card or their USB drive. I would try walking them through it but they aren't very savvy that way.

    I'm brainstorming that I might be able to install the wads at least over the internet. I can open up the appropriate ports on their router and set a forwarder to the wii and just have one of them in front of the wii when I send them.

    I did a port scan. The wii has 3 open ports 25, 110 (both for email) and 4299. Loadstructor and Crap use 4299 to push wads. So theoretically I could just use them to create a wad and force and install over the network, but I believe ladstructor needs files copied to the sd for it to work.

    Anyone tried this yet?

    I have Cygwin installed on my laptop. However, I cannot code.

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    Why not record yourself doing it and up your video on youtube. Then they can see it being done.

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    Why would I want to do that? There really woudl be no purpose other than one friend helping another to need wads to install over the internet.

    I was wondering past installing wads what else can be done... for instance, can you push things to the wii over that same port?

    Or even access a USB drive or USB stick connected to it....hmmmm.

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    i would try Ftpii

    then you can load all the files into it
    as long as your doing wads roms ect.... shouldn't take to long. downloading wii games to it would take hrs and hrs.

    but then again you would have to have them install Ftpii.

    only other option i could really see is sending them a SD card with everything on it then walk them through it.


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