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Thread: D2Pro9: New Firmware Updates + Utility Disc!!!

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    Thumbs up D2Pro9: New Firmware Updates + Utility Disc!!!

    Well, i think everybody who has the SPI addon can now update there firmware to version 2.0 to support the D2C2 drives. i was just surfing there site and i can download the 2.0 firmware from there site, and also they have updated there Utility Disc to version 1.5

    d2pro : Resources

    Features / Fixes

    - Works with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C and D2C-2 chipset drives

    - Adds D2C-2 compatibility to previous d2pro chips that have an SPI Flash

    - Enables DVD update of the SPI Flash

    - Updatable and configurable via utility disc

    - Recovery Mode - can fully recover from a bad flash

    - Region Fallback - impossible to brick the drive by setting the wrong region

    - Fixes eject issues discovered in previous firmware versions

    * This firmware does NOT support the newly-discovered d2e chipsets *



    There will be a newer release soon...

    EDIT;>>>> new firmware (v2.3)that fixes the eject and inching issues on D2C drivesand a new utility disc (v1.6) has been released
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    Can someone confirm the eject issue? I have the D2Pro and discs eject fine but the drive does not accept discs the odd time. I have tried this update to 1.5 and it didnt seem to fix it.

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    I am a little confused on the difference between the Firmware and what the Config Disk Updates???

    I have the DVD updateable D2Pro9, do I still need to get the programmer??? If so why do they advertise it as DVD Updateable???

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    I'm also confused between this "Firmware" and "Utility Disc", is the Firmware (2.1) for the older D2Pro which requires Programmer and the Utility Disc (1.5) is for the D2Pro0v2? Are the fixes and features listed for both the older chip and the newer chip? if not what does the 1.5 Utility disc accomplish?

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    I Think the firmware update is ment for big firmware changes, which you will need a D2Prog and the utility disc lets u fix minor changes that can be placed on the SPI flash, and to change settings etc. i could be way off tho, im just going by common sense. i will see when i get my D2Pro9 V2 modchip hahaha

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    From my understanding the 2.0/2.1 update that requires the d2pog it to make the d2pro9 v1 into d2pro9 v2 which mean all old d2pro9 with be compatiable with d2c2 wii's. As for the 1.5 utility disk i think that is to fix the eject issues for the d2pro9 v2 users. Although i have a d2pro9 v1 and i have updated it with the 1.5 utility disk and i notice no difference at all.

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    If your chip is newer D2Pro9 V2, then you download the 1.5 update, which I did. It is small 94kb but when you unpack it, it blows up to 1.35Gb. You then burn the iso DVD with imageburn as you normally would a game. You stick it in your wii drive and it will look like a Gamecube disc which you run and follow the instructions.
    Like I said before, my wii ejects fine, it just kinda stops taking discs until I do a power cycle, which still happens after the update!
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    Please correct me if I am wrong (I am completely new to this): I don't think that the 1.5 DVD update will fix the eject issue (which on my console is exactly as 70challenger describe it). On d2pro website I read:

    People who have been experiencing eject issues with their d2pro chips will be pleased to hear that this bug has now been fixed! The official 2.0 update (d2prog required) has been released and is available for download in the resources section along with new config discs. This updates works on all d2pro versions up to with the SPI Flash (upto d2c-2) and will even add d2c-2 compatibility to earlier versions of d2pro!
    So I think the full upgrade with the programmer may be necessary even on the newer chips. Which is annoying because I haven't bought the programmer, trusting that most updates would be DVD based. Am I talking rubbish?

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    the dvd update is for things like game fixes but the d2prog is for modchip firmware, and has changed there update number from 2.0 to 2.1 with that said it means all d2pro9 v2 should update to 2.1 and that will also apply the 1.5 spi flash. but if your like me and have a d2pro9 v1 you can just pop in the 1.5 disk and update.

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    I strongly dont recommend updating if you have a d2c2 compliant chip. There will be a newer firmware coming soon that will fix the bugs ive encountered with the newer firmware. With the older d2pro9 you can roll back, with the newer one you cant and you'll have to wait, so keep it like it is now and update later

    Its always never a good idea to be the first to update to anything

    [edit] Ive done the updates via d2prog, i dont know if doing the one where it updates just the spi works any better, ill have to try that out when i get some time next week, this thread was brought to my attention though so I thought id give my advice on it before everyone rushes to update[/edit]
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