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Thread: NeoGamma will not load any games

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    NeoGamma will not load any games

    Long time reader first time poster.

    I've been trying to get neogamma to load any of my backup games but all I get is blackscreen no matter which backup I select. I can use USB loader GX and config USB loader with the same backups and they all work but NeoGamma will not load a single game for me. They all go blackscreen and freeze.

    Any suggestions????

    I've read every guide I can find and I've loaded various versions of neogamma and not one single thing works for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If it helps.
    4.1u - softmod
    homebrew 1.6
    cIOS38_rev14, 15, or 16
    cIOS222 by Hermes
    neogamma R8 beta 7 or 15
    cfg usbloader v48 or v50

    a bunch of other stuff like priiloader and bootmii. Anything above that lists multiple versions is what I've tried not what is necessarily installed at the same time
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