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Thread: Inadvertent Updates

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    Inadvertent Updates

    I've searched around but could not find a direct answer to this, especially for version 4.2. How can I be assured that my Wii will not update?

    I have a brand new out of the box Wii, already updated to 4.2u (by me stupidly when I first used it). I am planning on doing the softmod according to the 4.2 guide by Messie. I keep reading everywhere, "DON'T UPDATE!"

    My question is, what settings does everyone use to avoid updating, specifically the internet connection and Connect24. Once the the softmod is done and Hombrew is running I plan to install priiloader.

    My question is, can I keep my current internet connection active, and should I have Connect24 running? Is there any chance with these two options active that the Wii can update automatically?


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    Leave connect24 turned off, or turn it off. And in priiloader, turn the hack on to disable disk updates. That should be all you need to do. Im not sure about this, but i think it will always ask you if you want to update. Can someone confirm that? If thats the case, just never say yes to it.

    You can leave the internet connected, and use internet channel, and online games. Some wii channels(weather, news, etc..) need connect24 on to work, so just dont use them.

    I dont think having connect24 on will update automatically, but just leave it off anyway. Its safer.

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    I agree with everything albertbert said, but I have one little clarification: once the "block disc updates" hack is enabled in priiloader, original games won't ask you to update anymore. If they do, it's probably because the hack is not working properly or for some reason, the update overrides the hack, in which case you have two options ---> find out what the update is all about (it may not hurt your Wii) or take the game out and forget about it (and download a backup instead, assuming that your game is an original).


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