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Thread: BRICKED 4.1u WII

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    BRICKED 4.1u WII

    i was wondering if there was any way to fix my wii.i uninstall the ios60 patched thinking it would not hurt the wii.i thought it would just uninstall the patch. but now all i get when i turn it on is a black screen i do have preloader installed but it wont load also have bootmii on there too.please if there is any thing i can do to fix this let me know

    wii 4.1u
    drivekey not set to auto boot
    i do have a nand back up and the keys .bin
    will the savemii dongle work on this type of brick or am i just screwed
    also i can turn the wii on with the wiimote

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    bricked due to a corrupted wad is recoverable using the gc controller (savemii dongle alike), entering the wii maintenace mode.
    go try ur luck

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    i have tryed the gc controller with no luck yet.but im not to sure what files i need and where they go in the mem card also would me sending my wii out to get a nand flash done work in my case

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    it sounds the right and the only way for ur situation !

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    Quote Originally Posted by drgnhilord View Post
    i uninstall the ios60 patched...
    The only option for recovery of your Wii is bootmii, and only if it is installed as boot2. As far as I know, savemii recovery mode and preloader will not operate without the system menu IOS. You mentioned that you had bootmii, do you know if it was installed as boot2 or as IOS? The easiest way to tell is to turn on the wii and watch closely. Do you see a quick set of flashes from the dvd drive light?

    Read this:

    and this:

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    when i installed the bootmii it would only install as the ios . what boot disc could i try for a 4.1U wii thanks

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    Recovery mode (to autoboot discs) won't work without the system menu IOS: the same one you uninstalled. Your wii is done for. Your only option is to send it back to nintendo.

    You can try testing it anyway to see if it will work, but it's not likely. Look at "Recovery Menu via savemii or savemiifrii" in this thread:
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    so then the nand cant be flashed either then thanks


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