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Thread: Running games from a SD card

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    Ca Running games from a SD card

    Hi I have softmodded my Wii, using the great guide on here. running at 4.1
    I have gotten copies of games which are in the iso format.
    I have a few 16 gig Sandisk, SD cards I would like to be able to run the games from. I don't at this time has a spare USB harddrive to use.
    I have tried to find the answer on the forums, but almost everything I read referred to using the usb port.
    Can someone point me in the right direction.
    a) What software will I need, I assume I will have to format the SD card via some program, will I then have to load the Homebrew channel back on it?
    b)On my PC do I need special software to load the game onto the SD card?
    c) and then I guess i need I know what steps to take to run the game, from the SD card.


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    download wbfs manager to your pc and install it. Use this to format the sd card wbfs format and put your iso files on it. Insert the sd card into the wii and launch the neogamma channel you installed from the guide. change the load games from dvd to sd.

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