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Thread: USBLoader - Game Install Read Error

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    USBLoader - Game Install Read Error

    Hi there guys how are we? Well I've been spending a good couple of hours on here searching through threads hoping to find the answer to my problem. I'm really sorry if this has already been covered and i've missed it!

    I have recently softmodded my Wii (4.2) and i'm running USBLoaderGX1.5 (latest revision) for my games running from an Iomega 500GB external Harddrive.

    I've installed a fair amount of games on it now, both originals and backups with no issues so far until today with Need for Speed Nitro.

    Set it all to install etc. and it will reach as far as approx 87%, it will hang for a second and then you can see DOS in the back flickering with read errors, it reaches approx 92% then will say it's successfully installed.

    The game then shows up amongst the list of games, start it and it will load the usual controller screen then will go to the games first load screen (all black with a circulating arrow in the bottom corner) after that the Wii will just black screen and that's it.

    Has anybody come across such a problem before? I know NFS Nitro seems to be a pretty compatible game looking at compatibility lists around the net. It plays fine running normally from the disc.

    Thanks Guys!

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    if its a backup, you might have botched the burning, are you having this issue only with this one game?

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    Yer this is the first game i've had this issue with. As I say it's a original game though, not a backup.


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