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Thread: Hi my wii won't turn on

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    Hi my wii won't turn on

    hi so basically my wii wont turn on

    i think its because it made me update when i was trying to play the new super mario bros

    and when i turn it on nothing appears and some blue stuff appears on the side of my screen

    i am a noobie to wiis, my wii is modded by a wii chip, i gave it to someone to do

    i have really little knowledge about wii's

    but i do know for a fact some key terms as i have knowledge on other consoles

    i believe my wii is bricked and i was looking at a tutorial here

    will this fix my wii?

    **EDDIIIT turns out the new super mario bros fucked up my wii

    so now i found out the game doesnt work >_<
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    is there any sound after pushing A a few times? Was your wii ever 4.2?
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    well it turns out my wii is working and the new super mario bros aint working

    my wii is running on a mod chip and i've been able to play every single game up untill now

    do i need to update my wii?

    when i first played the mario bros, it made me update my wii, does that count as an update

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    Did you softmod your wii at all? Do you have the HBC or Priiloader installed? I softmodded my wii and than it asked me to update to play super mario. I than installed Priiloader and 1 of the settings in priiloader was to disable updates. I now can play mario bros.

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    no i did not soft mod my wii, i thought i dun have to


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