Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum and generally new to the softmod scene,I've been able to google help for most my problems,but I have one that I cant find help on,it for the original Wii sports,when I google or even search the forums all that comes up is wii sports resort.heres my dilema.I have usb loader gx and wii flow cause I play off my HDD,havnt had any problem yet not even with nsmb,but when I try to load wii sports it goes to a black screen,tried video and error 2 fix,goes to green screen,I have a ntsc wii 3.1u,the iso is wii sports(compress)and its pal,(but so are most my iso's force ntsc usually fixes this.it shows up in wbfs managers as sports package for revolution or somthin,anyway I know its an old game but does anyone know what the problem might be?