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Thread: Exception (DSI) occurred!

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    Exception (DSI) occurred!

    I get this along with a lot of other stuff on the screen when trying to start up USB Loader GX. Anyone know what my problem might be? I read that you can use r891.dol but I don't know exactly how to install it.

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    you rename r891.dol to boot.dol in usb loader gx, but latest betas are unstable, so i would you recommend to try configurable usb loader.
    Myself using it and no problems
    Configurable USB Loader -

    It have also autoupdate if you are connected to internet just in case
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    Perfect, works like a charm. Thanks buddy.

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    Exception (DSI) Occurred - Solution

    I have found that if the sd card that you are using is "write-protected" this will happen. To fix this simple;

    1. turn off the wii
    2. remove the SD card
    3. look for a switch or small slider on the SD card
    4. move/press it
    5. re-insert the SD card

    And away we go!

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    it's only because u're running the config !
    not TRUE to solv the "exception (DSI)......"


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