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Thread: Installing usb loader without internet???

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    Installing usb loader without internet???

    Hi all, firstly thanks in advance for any help and knowledge shared....

    Right then,
    I am wanting to install a usb hdd so as to keep my back ups on but i need help on how to install usb loaders etc etc.

    1: My system menu version is 3.4E (Wii is about 18 months old)
    2: My wii is NOT connected to the internet, and would prefer to download files on pc and use sd card to install/update.
    3: I do not have Homebrew installed, or the Zelda disc, my wii is still classed as a "virgin".

    I have read a guides on installing HBC and wad stuff but they all say that i need internet connection which i dont really want to do as i will have to go and buy either the lan adapter or wireless stuff. Is there some way to download and install (with instructions) the required files so that i can run my usb hdd on it


    Any of your help is much appreciated as i am a NOOOB when its comes to the wii softmod/unlocking stuff, although competent with other normal pc stuff.

    Please feel free to also use the contact member /email section with any help or further info.

    Thanks in advance

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    Please help me peeps !!!!!!!!!


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