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Thread: wiiware related question

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    wiiware related question

    My instinct tells me this should be ok, but I'd just like a second opinion. I have softmodded 4.2e, no probs, running backups fine using homebrew, uloader, backed up with bootmii (installed to boot2) and priiloader v3 r40. Is there any reason I can't download legit wiiware? Sounds silly but I've still got a few points on my account I may as well use

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    Well you could, but it would be a waste of points.

    All the wiiware can be run on a USB emulated nand using triiforce, and there is no wiiware that cannot be found , so save the points for something good some day, when it's raining or snowing! lol

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    Thought so, just a hypothetical question really.


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