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Thread: Got some questions

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    Got some questions

    Hi there, I'm completely new to the whole 'wii hacking' stuff. My sister just bought a wii and is interested in hacking it (wii version is 4.2u). She simply wants to be able to play games. She's not tech savvy so she asked me to find out some stuff for her.

    Having read some of the tutorials and used a bit of the search function, I have some questions.

    To simply play games (not just wii ware ones), what would I have to do exactly? The guides I read weren't exactly newb-friendly as they seem to require basic understanding of hacking which I dont have. What is the difference between softmodding and full hacking?

    There is a small list of features at the bottom of the softmodding guide, is that all you can do with it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1st as "full hacking" so u mean hardmod? well for hardmod u need a chip and nothing else to play backups. Then Softmod is moding the wii software(no chip). U just install custom files and thats it.

    -to play games u need to softmod it(use the guide), u need an SD card and an internect connection and thats it. Its simple, u just need to know how to read. If u dont get something, tell and and we will explain it for u.
    Great 4.2 Softmod Guide:
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    That was what I was referring to in terms of 'full hacking'. I assumed the guide you linked and the guide about softmodding were two completely different things.

    It's this guide:

    I'll make an attempt at it after I'm more comfortable about the hacking aspect.

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    Your link is fine and messie's guide is good too. They're both tutorials for softmodding your 4.2 Wii.

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    they are almost the same, both are softmod so does not matter which one u do. Have fun modding~

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    It's me again and I have another question. I found another way to hack the wii. Could you guys give your thoughts on this process.

    How to play Wii backups from a usb stick with no modchip.

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    If you are going to use a guide from another site don't expect much help here since we do not know all what the guide ask you to install.


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