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Thread: Choice of NTSC or PAL games? Is NTSC better, even on a PAL machine

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    Choice of NTSC or PAL games? Is NTSC better, even on a PAL machine

    Thanks to Dogegg's superb guide, I now have a soft modded Wii and managed to get a few games working. Some were PAL, and some NTSC, both of course worked. I have a PAL Wii, but have a 1080p TV which can also play NTSC. Therefore, should I always go for the NTSC release over a PAL when avaliable? I know the higher framerate is a big positive for NTSC, even though I have heard some of the PAL supports it too. Usually, is there any extra material on the NTSC games? But do you think I would be best collecting NTSC releases?

    Thanks. I'm currently on a Usenet rampage downloading some games

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    i dont think the region matters, its always the same for me and wii has 480p max so i dont think it matters if the TV supports 1080p, wii image should be the same. Its good to choose your own region, i always choose NTSC cuz my wii is ntsc.

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    I think ntsc has more frames per second than pal. i believe 29.9 as opposed to 24 or 26, i can't remember exactly without looking it up. So i guess the point is it would probably be easier to remove frames than it would be to add them if this makes any sense, but you should have an easier time playing the region format your device is supposed to play.


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