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Thread: Guitar Hero 5 not running

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    Guitar Hero 5 not running

    i put in the disk, go through HBC to NeoGamma, change my region over to force NTSC480i(its what i do for all of my other PAL isos). then, when i run game from DVD, it flips green(usual) and just goes black. i have Wiimote power, but nothing happens. game does nothing but black, and Wiimote does nothing but flashes. i have to hold power button to restart system.
    any clue why i can't play this game?
    please help...

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    GH5 requires IOS56, do you have it installed?

    Which IOS games use.

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    oh, thanks. i got it figured out, i had another wad that i had to install.
    id found a tut on a different forum site, and didn't remember where i posted this. lol
    but yeah, i got it running, from disc and HDD.
    note: the frontman guitar controller that looks like an old telecaster, works on guitar hero and rockstar

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    HI I'm new to this forum and have the same black screen issue with neogamma.
    Can you maybe explain in detail what you have done, to get it rum from disc?

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    seriously, i don't remember what order i installed what. i just know that i used the bannerbomb method to everything. i know for NeoGamma, i had to instal Cios 247...but honestly, there are probably more people that know a lot more about it than i do. i just did my Wii so i wouldn't have to worry about my kids scratching disks. my psp, i know more about.

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    oh, if you were talking about how i got GH5 to work, it was a fix that i found. i don't remember the website i found it on. i don't remember what the download itself was called, but the .rar is AddersGH5packrar.rar.

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    Ah nevermind, I found a way to get it working with USB Loader GX.^^

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    i use usb loader too. i don't like using my drive if i don't have to


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