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Thread: USB Loader GX ripping issue

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    USB Loader GX ripping issue

    Hi all,

    I have been using Usb Loader GX for about two months now ripping my old games no problem. Last night when loading a couple games (mushroom men and HOTD Overkill, both retail copies) they were ripping fine until about 49% and then the wii disc drive starting making a lot of noise(disc spinning and clicking sounds) the speed of the rip decreased substantially, like from 6 mps to less than two. I manually turned off the wii rebooted usbloader gx and it ripped fine the second time. I had to do this same process for both games.
    I did update to the most recent usb Loader gx on Weds. Any thoughts, on how to resolve this issue?
    Is manually turning off the wii in the middle of one of those botched rips going to interfere with the integrity of the WII or USB HDD in any way?
    Thank you ahead for your responses.

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    Sounds like the app is having some difficulty reading the discs. It could be related to you updating the app itself recently or just that the discs are lightly scratched. Try downgrading your GX version to the previous and try them again.

    Having incomplete rips on your HDD shouldn't cause a problem, I had a couple of bad rips in the early days (ripped SMG about 5 times) and my drive works just fine.
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    Talking Maybe An Idea

    I've had problems as well ripping with USB Loader GX (Truthfully DL), but because the GUI is so user friendly there is no way I was going to give it up. Instead I rip my games with Hermes ULoader 3.0C and then run it with USB Loader GX. So far I've had no problems even with SSBB (a really good DL example.) Although I am still having issues with Metroid Prime: Trilogy, but it seems everyone is having issues truthfully...
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