ok so heres the scenario. I have a DSL connection with a Lan (wired) on my PC. Well since Wii was not bundled with an rj45 port and have built in a wifi instead. I'm trying to look for the Lan adapter. So far I haven't found in any computer stores here in the Philippines (ASIA) and it would be costly to purchase a wifi router just for my wii same thing with shipping from other countries. So my best bet is the computer to computer connection. heres the idea if you dont know it yet. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI-s5x4lLLw]YouTube - Laptop Hotspot[/ame] the logic is connecting my wii into my laptop with wifiv shared connection, though my access point was found the SSID is not valid code 5130. Any experience on shared connection via laptop?