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Thread: New Wii purchased on july 10 2008... will it blen--- er, mod?

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    Cool New Wii purchased on july 10 2008... will it blen--- er, mod?

    i'm just hoping for a little reassurance that if I buy a D2pro9 Rev2 chip at this point it will work for me.

    i don't want to find out a new board started shipping on july 1st or something. my serial number is the highest i've seen posted anywhere online so far so i guess it makes me a little nervous.

    my serial starts with Lu5815xxxxxxxx. anyone had any positive results with wii as new as mine?

    wii tracker sucks and always tells people 50% chance with newly released wiis. gee thanks, i might as well flip a coin and then throw a handful of modchips at my open wii, melt a bunch of solder all over it, and hope it magically works.

    side note: a sticky where people could ask this question or just post their serial number and say whether or not their modding worked would be useful. and maybe also mention how recently we purchased our successfully modded wii. just a thought.

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    There is no way to know for sure because there is a minimal chance you have an D2E chip.

    But i'd say your 99,9% sure of a d2pro v2 compatible drivechip.

    Ofcourse if you order an D2pro v2 now it will be D2E compatible they started shipping them this week.
    Just make sure when you order that you get the newest d2pro v2.

    Good luck


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