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Thread: Another bricked thread

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    Another bricked thread

    Here it goes... my friend has asked me to have a loot at his wii, not modded in any way or form. When we turn it on, it displays the safety stuff, but no A to continue. I can do the gamecube thingy and it shows 4.0(EUR).

    I have NSMB but that doesn't seem to do anything. Now I COULD solder my wiikey off of my wii, onto his and boot the brick-repairer.

    So yeah, what are my options?

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    Why not just swap dvd drives until it's fixed?

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    Try holding - and + and pressing A, then you should get maintenance mode up.

    You should then be able to go into wad manager and delete the offending wad that's giving you the problem. Sounds like a type of banner brick to me.
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    Well thats the thing, his wii apparently doesn't have anything on, no softmods, nothing. With that said, I swapped our drives but still nothing loads.

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    Tried autoboot anyregion, disc spins for a while and stops, burning universal unbrick disc now

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    Ok so when on the 4.1(EUR) screen nothing boots, nothing burned atleast. I haven't tried bootmii but I can only imagine it wont work. However, when I insert new super mario bros (4.2) the screen goes black and the disc spins

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    Use Wii Autoboot to set the iso of NSMB to autoboot, set the chip to autoboot, then try to boot the disk in his wii and update to 4.1. Make sure it is the right region.

    Sure sounds like a bannerbrick, which updating would not fix.

    Also, brick disks will not work without some trucka ios. Probably needs the system ios trucka, and the ios the disk uses, or just the ios the disk uses. So since it is not softmoded there is nothing he can do. Hope the 4.1 update fixes it.
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