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Thread: USB Loader or Wiiflow

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    USB Loader or Wiiflow

    Ive installed NeoGamma and everything is working great. If I wanted to add USB loader or Wiiflow can I just add them or do I have to change anything first? and which is better USB Loader or Wiiflow....thanks

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    Nothing on the console needs to be changed, no. It really comes down to preference, neither loader is capable of much more than the other, and they're both compatible with any game I've ever tried, and I've tried many on purpose. Try them both out and find the one that works for you.
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    Hi, you can install all three loaders at the same time with no problems. USB loader and wiiflow are much the same really, they both look a lot better than neogamma. It really depends what games work on each version. Why not install then in the apps dir of your sd card and give them a try to see what your prefer? Then you could install the channel once you're sure.


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