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    DVD Burner Question

    What is a good DVD Burner to read and burn original Wii games? I have read that only LG Burners read them to produce ISO of the original game. Should I buy a dual layer burner or stick with just the regular -+burner. Are any of the Wii games Dual Layer? Or is it a select few? What is everybody using for the dual layer games, such as SBBB?

    Thanks for taking time to answer.


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    I believe the following models are the ones that can read Wii Discs

    (there may be a couple others)

    The following link has all the information you need regarding DVD Drives for Wii Discs

    DVD Drives for Wii & Gamecube Backups

    Also USB Gecko can be used to back-up wii games.

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    u can only use dvd+r's not -r's. For ssbb i reccomend verbatim 2.4x dl.

    Edit: sorry i was wrong.
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    Does anyone know where to get these drives? I tried and others and they are either $45 or out of stock.

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    I just bought one from MegaLoot4u


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