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Thread: cIOSCORP part 2

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    cIOSCORP part 2

    hello again.

    I have just tried to install cIOSCORP 3.5 on my friends 4.2e wii.

    I get 'ret 1' error when I try to install it.

    ANY ideas are welcome


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    Has he used the following before running the cIOSCorp installer:

    Used Waninkoko's cIOS38 rev14 Installer (don't bother with rev15 or rev16, rev14 works fine, even with New Super Mario Bros. Wii) to install IOS249 and IOS250,

    Used Dop-IOS MOD v9 or Trucha Bug Restorer (I recommend Dop-IOS Mod, because it's simpler) to restore the trucha bug to IOS 36,

    (Optional) Run Hermes cIOS 222 installer v4 to install cIOS 202, 222 and 223,

    (Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Installed a patched IOS70 (read messie's 4.2 hacking guide, link's in there) and installed priiloader 0.2, along with a hacks.ini for menu 4.2E


    Ran the HackMii installer to install bootmii as boot2(if you can), or bootmii as IOS(if you can't use boot2) or both(recommended, only if you can install as boot2, if not, just use BootMiiIOS)

    And finally, if you've installed bootmii as IOS, download the file "BootMii Booter.dol" and install it from the priiloader menu using "Load/Install File" (Remember INSTALL IT, don't load it) that way, if you can't access system menu because of corrupted files, banner bricks, or theme bricks, just click "Installed File" from the priiloader menu to load bootmii to reflash your NAND if possible, if not, then load Homebrew Channel and use Dop-IOS, WAD Manager, etc. to re-install the system menu.

    If he's done all this, and has all the cIOSCorp WADS in their proper folders on his SD Card, then the installer should run just fine.

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    thnaks for the swift reply bud..

    I've just managed to installed cIOSCORP 3.6.
    The installation went fine but the back ups arnt playing from the wii disk channel

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    stick to one thread, another is not needed.

    The general rule of cioscorp is that if you need to ask how to do it, you shouldnt be using it. It sucks and its dangerous.


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