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Thread: Games crashing help!

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    Unhappy Games crashing help!

    I'm once again asking for help.
    the wii is running 3.4e, i've got homebrew channel on, i'm using Usb loader Gx and the forwared.
    I can put games on the Hdd no problem and they load in ok. Then i can only play them for abt 10mins if i'm lucky then they crash, just freezing.
    I've heard alot abt ios file 249 and peple having problems. Could this be mine?
    Do i need to up or down grade to solve this problem. There is alot of information out there but i'm fining it very confussing.
    Thanks very much to anyone that can help.

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    What HDD do you have? it might have sleep mode issues

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    If you are talking about the cios, it has to do with almost every aspect of how things run but usually if your games load ok, then it shouldn't be an issue. What cios do you use? you can get additional support for some loaders by using the hermes cios as well. It is supposed to help for additional usb devices and dual layer disks, but ppl have reported other games work well with it. Your problem is probably to do with the drive winding down to a sleep mode state though.
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    Thanks very much for that! tried a different drive everything working fine!
    thank you!

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    Just tried a different drive and all is well! now working, who thought just by changing the drive would make a differance!
    Thanks very much!!!


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